Getting Good At The Sport Of Speaking

A big challenge, maybe the toughest, is to overcome a lifetime of stuttering, and the accompanying emotional baggage that has accumulated. That's probably why we're so effective: We understand the effort that is needed and lend support throughout and we won’t ask anyone to do what we are not prepared to do ourselves. For so many past graduates of the Programme, the positive energy has filtered into other areas of their lives. Once you can speak with the fluency you desire, there is no stopping you.

Thousands of graduates worldwide have now found freedom with their speech, so we know it works. But don't just take our word for it ... on request, we can provide you with an extensive list of these grads who would be happy to speak with you or a friend or family member..

The McGuire Programme

The McGuire Programme is a holistic, sports oriented programme dealing with the whole person, as opposed to concentrating upon the mechanics of speech. The program provides a technique to physically overcome the speech blocks and challenging words. It imparts an understanding of the physiology and psychology of stuttering as well as encouraging self-acceptance (as a recovering stutterer).

The Programme
can help you overcome fear of speaking by concentration, assertiveness and non-avoidance techniques. It explains relapse and how to deal with it should it occur. It demonstrates how to challenge and change lifelong negative traits.

The Programme recognises that dismantling the psychological framework that a person who stutters develops to support their lifelong stuttering behaviour does not occur overnight. Consequently, graduates are encouraged to return to future courses on as many occasions as they wish. They become empowered by coaching others, in addition to aiding their own recovery.

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